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DreamQuest Begins September 15th


I want to apply for DreamQuest and understand that if my application is accepted, a $500 deposit is required. This is my confidential application.
“Is it time for my DreamQuest?”
It’s time for you if:
  • You’ve been wondering, “What’s next?” or, “How do I leverage the success that I’ve experienced so I can help more people?”
  • You already have a manifestor’s mindset, and you invest in where you’re going next.
  • You’re comfortable opening up and sharing with 24 other committed people with big dreams. 
You’re not quite ready yet if:
  • You’re not comfortable investing $19,497 in changing the trajectory of your future.
  • You’re uncomfortable exploring mystical traditions.
  • You’re more curious than committed.
  • ​You don’t feel called to expand your purpose.
  • ​You can’t commit to the curriculum, weekly calls and group meditations. 

Spots are filling up, so don’t wait to apply!  - All Rights Reserved @ 2021