Are you ready to step into the magic?

Do you just know that you’re meant 
to make a greater contribution to this world?

"You’ve already experienced outward success in your life, but now you’re ready to find fulfillment by connecting with your broader purpose and making an exponential impact."
If that’s you, then I’m inviting you to UPLEVEL to the next version of yourself with me in DreamQuest, my elite mastermind program for spiritually-led change-makers.

Together, I will help you discover the next phase of your purpose as you catapult toward achieving your dreams.
Your dreams matter. YOU MATTER!
This is the doorway to the biggest story of your life. 

The Secret of DreamQuest

The real transformation happens in another reality. 

"It broke everything open in the best way possible."

OB/GYN who used her untapped spiritual gifts to birth a transformational program

"I was trying to fill a void within myself with material things"

Corporate lawyer who joined DreamQuest without knowing Colette and discovered her purpose

You are successful in many areas of your life. 

BUT something is still missing...

Maybe the changes the world’s been experiencing have stirred something in your soul. Or maybe you just know in your heart there's so much more

Whatever the cause, you know that NOW is the time for deeper transformation and a more profound expression of your intentions. 
You know it’s time for something more…
A reimagining...
An adventure...
...Or maybe a quest for something bigger?
What about a DreamQuest?
w i t h

Colette Baron-Reid

Now Is the Time to Uplevel, Transform, and Manifest Your Dreams


committed individuals 


powerful intention

+8 months

of new skills, exercises, and breakthroughs together
= metaphysical trailblazing, expanded purpose, and exponential impact in your world… and beyond!

How We Journey Together 

The DreamQuest Intensive supports each participant from Day One. We start by identifying the main psychological and energetic influences that will act like a weather map for the entire program. We’ll work together in an in-depth private discovery session to determine your unique energies that will be active during the Intensive. This information will ground you so that together we can predict and prescribe where you need to focus.

The Transformation Map

  • One private intuitive coaching call with Colette (To solidify your intentions and determine your personal focus for the program)
  • ​Eleven 90-minute group calls with Colette (most calls are scheduled for Wednesdays at 7pm ET and all calls are recorded)
  • ​Two coaching one-on-one sessions with Jenn Lewis (Our In-House Transformation and Accountability Coach)
  • ​Bi-weekly exercises for self-discovery and empowerment process
  • ​New Moon group intention setting gatherings with Jill Buffington (Our Program Coordinator)
  • ​Bi-Weekly small group meditations for individual intentions
  • ​Six special guest coaching group calls (Guest coaches to be announced)
  • ​Two DreamQuest Workshop Experience weekends 
The DreamQuest program relies on a powerful combination of proven deep process work, quantum meditation journeys, intuitive coaching, educational materials, and the exponential support that happens in a small group setting when everyone’s intention is to shift and transform!
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